Helping Others

Every one who has proved for himself that Christian Science heals, knows the joy that invariably comes through spiritual healing. At first, his wonder and happiness in knowing from experience that the miracles of olden days are being repeated in our own time, fill his thought so completely that it seems quite impossible to think of anything beyond this. But erelong he finds himself unable to contain his joy, and begins looking about for opportunities to share it. He is surprised, and somewhat astonished, to find that among those to whom he talks there are some individuals who are not only unwilling to have Christian Science applied to their own problems but are not even willing to accept all his statements in regard to its healing power. A little saddened, perhaps even a little impatient at their incredulity, he ceases his endeavors to impart to these unbelieving ones some understanding of the truth he has perceived, and returns to his rejoicing in his own healing.

But in the study of Christian Science one learns that selfishness has no part in God's spiritual child, and if one is seeking to demonstrate the true identity as this spiritual child of God, it is impossible to be satisfied with the contemplation of one's own bettered condition without desiring to have others equally blessed. This desire is manifested in a more loving attitude toward one's fellow man, and in turn this attitude helps many people who are ready to acknowledge the power of divine Love as understood in Science. In trying to live the life of a Christian Scientist, in being faithful in guarding one's thoughts against erroneous judgment, in always beholding God's man despite the mist of mortal, material concepts, one finds many opportunities to give to those in need of comfort and healing the word that leads them to desire for themselves the good that has been brought into the experience of their friend.

"The little more"
January 8, 1921

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