About twelve years ago I became a student of Christian Science,...

About twelve years ago I became a student of Christian Science, after a long period of earnest search for the truth concerning God and man. The physical healings of which I learned did not for some time interest me greatly, as they did not seem to me to be so important as the spiritual awakening, but as truth unfolded I saw that man made in God's image and likeness is perfect now—"every whit whole." For two years I had suffered from a most distressing sensation of congestion in the head, which made living seem difficult, although the condition was not evident to others. I feared to speak of the malady, even to a practitioner. At last, however, I decided to do so, and in that instant I knew that I would be healed, as fear had seemed to be the barrier. The healing took place after one visit to a practitioner.

In 1912 I was told by dentists that my teeth were rapidly decaying, that it would be necessary for me to use dental preparations and have frequent examinations made. Upon leaving the office of a dentist one day I resolved that I would not have any more dentistry done unless it seemed right for me to do so, and on the way home I repeated the "scientific statement of being," as found on page 468 of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, realizing that God is All. Time passed, and one day I was surprised to note that more than three years had gone by since my consultation with the dentist. I went to him for an examination that afternoon, and he expressed astonishment at finding nothing needed to be done. Last year another dentist stated that my teeth were in excellent condition and laughingly remarked that there would be no need for dentists if every one had such sound teeth. This demonstration has given me cause for rejoicing, as it was so simple and complete.

Testimony of Healing
When "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"...
January 8, 1921

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