Having been encouraged and helped so many times by...

Having been encouraged and helped so many times by reading the testimonies in the Sentinel, I gratefully send the following account of healing experienced through Christian Science. From the time I was about fourteen years old I suffered from very severe headaches, dizziness, and fainting spells, and was never really well. Several medical practitioners diagnosed my case as that of goiter, and although under their treatment and taking medicine faithfully for five or six years, I failed to obtain relief. I twice tried to take up a commercial career but was forced to give up each time, the doctor assuring me the last time that I could never stand the strain of business. However, thanks to the truth as taught in Christian Science I have been able to prove this verdict untrue.

Christian Science was first brought to my attention in November, 1918. I attended a lecture and called upon a practitioner the following day. I commenced treatment right away, but for the next two or three months every symptom seemed to become aggravated. Gradullay, however, with the help of a practitioner I was lifted out of the darkness. In September, 1919, I was able to accept a position without fearing results. I have now been in business for over a year, and during that time I have only had to stay away for one half day. Comparing this with the years previous to hearing of Science, during which time scarcely a week passed without my having to spend a day or two in bed, I cannot say how grateful I am, also to all the friends who helped me to gain some understanding of Science. I am now grateful that mine was a slow healing, though at the time I was often discouraged,—as I was forced to study more closely, and so gained a better understanding of the fundamentals of Christian Science.—

Testimony of Healing
I have been a student of Christian Science a comparatively...
January 8, 1921

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