That Christian Science heals sin, sickness, and death I...

That Christian Science heals sin, sickness, and death I have had ample proofs in the past four years. I have been beautifully healed of nervous prostration, mental depression, and a dreadful nameless fear that would haunt my every waking moment, also of chronic bowel trouble. All these evils were seemingly due to insomnia from which I had suffered since early childhood. I had tried many doctors both in this country and in Europe, and all any of them was able to do for me was to give me a different kind of drug to produce sleep. For ten years prior to my taking up Science I had relied entirely on drugs, and nearly every night of those ten years I would have to take from one to three drops of some opiate. All this resulted as might have been expected in a mental and physical collapse, from which there seemed to be no more help possible, so I was sent to a hospital to see what could be done for me there. The last two days I was there the physician attending me was taken sick and did not make his usual calls, and in this time I was taking mental note of the progress I had not made, so when the doctor made his next call I asked him what hope there was for me, as I had become more fearful than usual. He then told me that he had done all that he could do for me and knew, too, that I was no better but rather in a more pitiable condition, as I used to have lapses of memory and could not remember clearly who I was or where I was, so he said to me: "If I were you I would go home and try Christian Science. I have had several women patients that went from me to Christian Science and were cured." So arrangements were made for me that day to be taken home.

For several months previous to this, the thought of Christian Science had come to me almost every day, with a conviction that it would heal me, but I thought I did not want it, as several years ago "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" was given to me to read, and from the first line of that book I loved it, but I thought its teaching was too beautiful ever to be lived by a human being; in fact, that it was too good to be true, but the real reason why I did not want this truth was that I was afraid that it would take away my material pleasures, and it seems I had "gods many and lords many" that I did not want to give up, and so all those miserable sick and unhappy years followed, and I was indeed far from my Father's house. So for three days after my return from the hospital, I resisted the truth, and those days were full of suffering inconceivable, for to mortal sense I was losing my mind, and when it seemed that I was slipping into mental darkness I went to the telephone and called a practitioner. She soon came, and treatments were commenced, and never will I forget the beautiful rest and peace she brought with her. When she had gone away I thought to myself, "Surely that woman was one of God's angels."

Testimony of Healing
I have delayed my testimony some time, because I felt I...
September 11, 1920

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