I do not know how to put into words the inestimable...

I do not know how to put into words the inestimable help which Christian Science is to me in my life. Besides having been my only remedy for physical ills for more than thirteen years, it has brought into my experience those wholesome mental qualities which little by little crowd out timidity, fear, worry, self-pity, and grief. It is bringing me peace, trust, fearless reliance on God's adjustment of even the smallest details of each day, and the assurance necessary to go forward. The last great temptation to timidity which presented itself to me was in the form of the fear of taking a teaching position nearly a thousand miles from home, far into the mountains and many miles from a railroad, among absolute strangers. The only straw which kept me above the roaring waves of sickening fear was the knowledge that God had led me to follow that profession, for I had done so in the hope of the better serving Him through the opportunities it would afford to be helpful to many. I had trusted Him for a position and knew I had been divinely led. I remembered the lines in the Christian Science Hymnal (p. 168):—

Signs of the Times
September 11, 1920

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