I note that in a recent issue of the Citizen there is a...

Tucson (Ariz.) Citizen

I note that in a recent issue of the Citizen there is a statement by a Roman Catholic prelate of London, England, in which he brackets Christian Science with theosophy and spiritualism. Christian Science has nothing in common with these beliefs. Regarding spiritualism, Mrs. Eddy has said on page 71 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," "When the Science of Mind is understood, spiritualism will be found mainly erroneous, having no scientific basis nor origin, no proof nor power outside of human testimony." And again on page 139 of the same book she says, "Atheism, pantheism, theosophy, and agnosticism are opposed to Christian Science, as they are to ordinary religion." She declares on page 99, "Those individuals, who adopt theosophy, spiritualism, or hypnotism, may possess natures above some others who eschew their false beliefs. Therefore my contest is not with the individual, but with the false system."

Now the teachings of Christian Science are simple. They are the same teachings which centuries ago Jesus imparted to the humble fisher folk of Galilee, who were able to understand and practice them to the extent of casting out devils and healing the sick as did their Master. These teachings are understandable by children and by the wayfaring man, and in support of their efficacy and their identification with Jesus' instructions, is offered the same proof,—sickness healed, sin overcome, and devils, or evils, cast out.

September 11, 1920

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