It was nine years from the time I first took treatment in...

It was nine years from the time I first took treatment in Christian Science before I received physical freedom from periodic and severe attacks of suffering (supposedly neuralgic) which had baffled the various physicians to whom I went. What is called mucous colitis was another thing that caused me great distress. I kept to Christian Science for seven years, taking treatment at intervals, some of the time continuously, and was helped somewhat but not healed. I read and studied with the utmost faithfulness, and, needless to say, went through periods of the blackest discouragement, the question "Why?" being often upon my lips. I felt like an outcast, beyond the pale of healing and emancipation; and while at first buoyant with hope, am sure I reached the point against which Science and Health warns us (p. 260): "Distrust of one's ability to gain the goodness desired and to bring out better and higher results, often hampers the trial of one's wings."

At the end of these seven years the attacks had become more severe and of longer duration, and, under a despairing sense, chancing also to be in a distinctly medical atmosphere, I again (after an unusually severe attack) turned to a specialist, hoping for some respite from the pain that seemed unbearable. The turning aside was, however, of brief duration ; I knew that the attempts to bring relief were purely experimental, surgery and opiates being the alternatives suggested.

Testimony of Healing
To say I am grateful for Christian Science and what it has...
November 11, 1916

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