All Disease Unreal

An expression very often heard at Christian Science experience meetings, and elsewhere, is that all diseases are alike to God. Of course those who have carefully studied the Bible and Science and Health understand the sense in which this statement is made, while those who have not made such a study, and those who come to the meetings to learn what the teachings of Christian Science are, naturally infer that by this expression is meant that it is just as easy to heal one disease as another, which, although true, is by no means the experience of the average practitioner.

From such an inference, people, almost of necessity, come to the conclusion that Christian Scientists must claim that it is as easy to heal a person in the last stages of consumption as to heal one with only a cold, and they say reason and common sense are agreed that such cannot be true. Thus at the very outset of their investigations many people are biased against Christian Science, if not altogether turned from further investigation; whereas, if they had understood the true meaning of the expression, it would probably have appealed to them.

A Helpful Lesson
September 3, 1904

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