It is one of the greatest pleasures to testify to the healing...

It is one of the greatest pleasures to testify to the healing effects of Christian Science, for whether the healing is mental or physical, there is always an uplifting, such as was never before realized, and one cannot help speaking of it.

The Christian Scientists whom I first met, saw at once how antagonistic I was toward the Bible, and knowing that I not only wanted but needed this Truth, told me of the practical, every-day thinking and overcoming of wrong thoughts, and added that if I would try this new way, I would soon see the benefit. I remember the days following,—every little while I would say, "I am going to be good," and really, one does not know what good means until it is reduced to practice as taught in Christian Science. The best way to illustrate this, as in my case, would be to speak of a garden overgrown with noxious weeds. One by one as I saw them, in the expression of hate, or malice, or envy, I pulled them up, and cast them away, supplanting them with as much sunlight of love as I could. This was a grand work, and sometimes I had to use all my strength to uproot and supplant. It seemed that every weed I had ever sown sprang up to show its presence and reality. After this first weeding, I saw clearly it was all mental healing I needed, and that done, the physical responded. Ever since, whenever any symptoms of physical distress have appeared I have looked for weeds, even weeds with beautiful flowers, for the subtlety of evil is often covered by seeming beauty and prettiness, and just as soon as they were seen and uprooted, all ailments disappeared.

June 26, 1902

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