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Attorney General Knox and Solicitor General Richards are of the opinion that the Secretary of the Treasury has no power to refund the duties on imports from Porto Rico which had been collected between the date of the ratification of the treaty of peace and the enactment of the Foraker law. The Supreme Court recently decided that Porto Rico was domestic territory, and that import duties were illegal, but it is probable that the importers will have to go to Congress and wait until that body makes an appropriation before they can recover the duties paid.

Twenty-eight million, four hundred and eleven thousand, six hundred and ninety-eight people in the United States live in cities and towns of over four thousands inhabitants. This is 37.3 per cent, a net gain of almost five per cent since 1890. There are now 1,158 places of over four thousands, as against 889 in 1890.

The World's Salt Wonders
July 25, 1901

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