Results of Accident Entirely Overcome

On the night of the twentieth of July, 1898, returning home from a Wednesday evening meeting, as I started to get off the car, which slowed up and then started with a sudden jerk, my foot caught in my dress, and I was thrown about four feet from the car. Finding I could not arise, I commenced to repeat the Scientific Statement of Being. I was asked, "Are you hurt?" My reply was, "I don't know." They asked me to stand up, but I could not do so. Then they lifted me and seated me in the car deciding to take me to the City Hall and have the ambulance take me home from there.

Four city doctors went home with me, and wanted to give me something to ease me until I got home, but I refused to take it. One of them made the remark, "You must be one of those Christian Scientists." I said, "Yes, I am studying it, and only wish I was a good one." As they carried me into the house on a stretcher, my husband said, "This is what I have been looking for the last two years, going to that Science Church after dark." The Scientist who kindly came home with me and stayed by me, went with the doctors into the yard, and they made the remark, "It's a pity! This poor old woman will never walk again. She will either always have to be rolled in a chair or go on crutches." This statement was mentally denied by the Scientist. My hip was out of joint, the frontal bone was broken, and the knee cap was knocked loose, but I suffered no pain.

Testimony of Healing
Help Received from the Quarterly
July 11, 1901

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