Concord's Hospitality

If the hospitable people of Concord experienced the truth of the statement that "it is more blessed to give than to receive," theirs must have been a happy state of mind on the days of the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth of June.

Speaking as one of the recipients of Concord's hospitality, I know the rich enjoyment we felt in the occasion that called out the friendliest possible treatment of a throng of unexpected visitors. On Monday, June the twenty-fourth, in the neighborhood of a thousand Christian Scientists from far and near, found themselves the surprised and surprising guests of Concord for an all-night visit. It happened in this wise. Each individual Scientist of this one thousand strong wished to visit Concord for the all-sufficient reason that in this beautiful city is the home of the beloved Founder and Leader of Christian Science.

An Aerial Trolley
July 11, 1901

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