The grand privilege of the Christian Scientist is the understanding that Spirit ever demonstrates its allness, and that matter ever demonstrates its nothingness through the false claim to the spiritual. Paul wrote to all awakening thought, "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." Is this admonition followed in our daily lives? We must put to the test all that parades itself before us, holding only that bears the stamp of eternity. Christian Science has not come into our lives for the purpose of removing the ills of the flesh, so that we may enjoy, for a season, the illusion of the senses. For of what value is it to set a man free from some error if but to give him a wider sense of false freedom? Rather has it come to bring the realization that God's standard has never fallen, and that the perfection of man remains intact. The fruits of demonstration are indeed sweet when it sweeps away ignorance as found in sin or sickness; but demonstration in its highest sense is the proving to the world and to ourselves the Science of Being. We all fall far short of perfect demonstration, but we are all moving on towards instantaneous expressions of harmony.

A very necessary prelude to the high standard of the Master is, are we trying to conform Christian Science to our daily walk? or are we walking in the paths of Christian Science? The difference, perhaps, is not striking at a first glance, but it is one of vital importance to successful work.

How to Destroy a Fallen Brother
July 11, 1901

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