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What authority have Christian Scientists for believing that all will be saved when the Bible declares that no murderer shall enter the kingdom of heaven?—A. C. B.

The Scriptural declaration is that "no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him." In the same passage a murderer is defined as one who hates his brother. There are but few, if any, persons who have not at some time hated a brother, but must we conclude that the great majority of mankind are forever lost? No murderer, or one who hates his brother, with or without cause, has eternal life, or has the true sense of Life which is eternal. Jesus defined eternal life as the knowledge of God (John, 17 : 3), and John declares that God is Love. He who has a sense of hate is not conscious of the presence of divine Love which is infinite; but it does not follow that such an one must forever dwell in a sense of hatred. When man ceases to hate he ceases to be a murderer.

Abiding in Love
June 8, 1899

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