Editor of the Herald:—After reading the article in yesterday's Herald, entitled, "Voice of the People," in which the writer either ignorantly or wilfully confounds Christian Science with Faith Cure, it is plain to be seen that such an attack on Christian Science, and insult to a large and increasing element of respectable and intelligent people, is not the sentiment of the people, by any means, or from "a parent," but is at the instigation of the M. D.'s, but it is not surprising that they should set up a howl when eleven cases of diphtheria die under the hands of the "regulars," and the people are taught to say "Amen," and not one out of seventeen cases treated by Christian Science has been lost; and thus all over our land, and in foreign lands, hundreds of people are being healed where materia medica has failed; but if one case in a hundred is lost by a Christian Scientist, a great ado is made, and a large and intelligent class of people (who are seeking to lead honest, pure lives and to be law-abiding citizens; loving the neighbor, and keeping the Golden Rule, and proving daily the power of Truth and Love to keep themselves well and heal others without the use of drugs; claiming the right to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience, and not interfering with others, and also claiming the right to use any means they see fit with themselves or their families in case of sickness) are denounced as murderers, criminals, deluded cranks, lunatics, etc., and charged with being the cause of epidemics by a medical monopoly which thinks it has things in its own hands, claiming to control the board of public schools, closing the schools against the protest of the school board, and then seeking to force people to employ them and denouncing those who will not employ them, and drawing exaggerated pictures of the suffering of those who are under any other treatment. But the people are awakening to see this injustice and imposition, and will declare their God-given rights. There are multitudes of intelligent, sensible people who to-day are rejoicing in their deliverance not only from disease and suffering, but from appetites and passions, hatred, revenge, and evil thought, and are now living pure and happy lives, depending wholly upon Christian Science for health and success in everything that is right and legitimate. These people are not fools or deluded, but they know "whereof they speak," and in this our beloved country, America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, oppressive class legislation, medical trusts, or monopolies, or any other combine against human rights will not be tolerated; the time is at hand when her citizens will declare their freedom in the "name of Almighty God," both morally and physically.

Yours for liberty and freedom,

November 10, 1898

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