I cannot remember when I was not troubled with headache

I cannot remember when I was not troubled with headache. Kidney disease, said to be hereditary, after years of drugging, was pronounced incurable. Dyspepsia, which each year grew more distressing, was caused by the kidney affection, and for it there was no remedy. Catarrh had advanced to a stage that seemed to be out of the reach of all remedies.

At this stage I heard the word Christian Science, and it struck me with such force that I resolved to investigate it. I took treatment, and from the first my dyspepsia ceased to trouble me. Soon the pains in my head and back were all gone, and a few days later all signs of catarrh had left me. At the end of two weeks I was pronounced healed, was much rejoiced, but did not then realize the extent of my healing. A few days later I discovered that I was hearing out of my left ear, in which I had been deaf for twenty-three years. Then a neighbor took me by the hand and commenced feeling my pulse, well knowing that for over two years it had feebly beaten only fifty-eight to the minute; he found it beating seventy-two, good and strong.

October 13, 1898

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