I was able to play soccer again

Soccer is a sanctuary for me. It’s where I feel free, and it gives me a break from all of the stressful things in my life. I love soccer so much that even after my outdoor season is over, I still go to Sunday pickup games with friends and teammates. Last year, I played two to three times a week, either on my own time or in an organized game. 

During one of the pickup games, I was involved in a play that caused me to shoot the ball at a strange angle and pull a groin muscle. At first, it didn’t seem like a big deal, so I continued playing. In fact, I continued playing the rest of the month. But over time, the muscle started to hurt so much that I had to take a break. I really missed playing soccer, and I also felt behind on my training and fitness. 

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 I really missed playing soccer.

As I thought about what to do, I realized I could seek a spiritual solution. I attend a Christian Science Sunday School, where we learn to turn to God when we’re hurt or have a problem. This is because when we learn more about God and our relationship to Him, we’re able to find comfort and healing through His love and care.

I started praying for myself, and I also called my grandma, who is a Christian Science practitioner, and asked for her help. She told me that as God’s perfect reflection, I can’t be injured, because God can’t be injured. God is Spirit, and how could Spirit ever be hurt? The same goes for me, since I’m spiritual. 

 What a revelation: God can’t be injured, and neither can I! These ideas made perfect sense, and I was able to start training and playing soccer again.  

What a revelation: God can’t be injured, and neither can I! These ideas made perfect sense, and I was able to start training and playing soccer again. The pain went away, and I was sure that if I hadn’t turned to God and prayed, the recovery process would have taken much longer. 

It felt so good to be back playing soccer. This experience taught me that God is with me every step of the way—on and off the field.

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