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Our role in dealing with Zika

From the Christian Science Sentinel - February 12, 2016

In light of an international alert that has been sounded regarding a so-called Zika virus disease, what are steps that can be taken immediately wherever we are?

Our calm conviction of God’s allness and His goodness lets in light that dispels the darkness.

Prayer in Christian Science approaches every situation from a spiritual basis. It follows the Bible teachings of God making an entirely good creation as recorded in Genesis 1, and Christ Jesus’ example that human experience can give evidence of that good creation through a spiritual understanding of that truth. As we let God’s all-encompassing love and goodness permeate our thought, that original goodness shines forth and is more evident in day-to-day life. Praying from this basis regarding the so-called Zika threat, we can affirm that the all-powerful, mothering presence of God can be felt in every aspect of being in every corner of the globe—radiating perfect love that naturally dissolves fear, uncertainty, disease, and despair.

As we pray about this recent health situation, here are some further points we can think about.

  • When we start our prayer with the premise in the first chapter of Genesis, we’re acknowledging that God has established His creation with love, and all that He has created remains good. That chapter tells us that man, including all of us, is made in God’s image. Any appearance of evil or disease is based on a Genesis chapter 2 view of creation. The account in the second chapter suggesting that God’s creation has fallen from perfection may appear true, but looked at in the light of the definitive first chapter, it becomes clear that it’s contradictory. Only one view can be true. Jesus’ healing works confirm the truth of the first chapter. Genesis 1 conveys the fundamental certainty of a continuing and uninterrupted reality of harmony. Through prayer we can be brought into accord with the fact that God’s universal perfection remains true regardless of appearances to the erring material senses.
  • With our prayer firmly rooted in God’s eternal perfection, we can gratefully acknowledge that God is infinite Love, filling all space. He forever cares for His good creation. He preserves His children and every aspect of His universal order. Our gratitude for this divine truth helps draw human thought away from confusion and uncertainty. We can bring support, stability, and clarity as we affirm in our prayers that God is all-presence. Our calm conviction of God’s allness and His goodness lets in light that dispels the darkness.
  • While from a material perspective it appears that disease can be spread through a virus, a spiritual perspective offers a very different assessment. Conscious and latent fear is a key element that needs to be addressed. Instead of letting fear creep in or overwhelm, we can know that we and others are enfolded by the mothering, sheltering love of God. As we affirm through prayer that God is the true Father-Mother of all of us, and God’s motherlike nature is universally present, something profoundly significant happens. Fear begins to recede. It’s truly an example of the Bible insight, “Perfect love casteth out fear” (I John 4:18). This has a further tangible effect. “When fear disappears, the foundation of disease is gone,” Mary Baker Eddy writes in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (p. 368).
  • Delving into the basis of true intelligence is also helpful. Based on the Bible, Christian Science explains that God is the one source of all intelligent thought. It defines God as the one divine consciousness, the one perfect Ego, the one pure Mind. Each individual is the beloved expression of this one Mind. As God’s offspring we each manifest the wisdom of perfect Mind. That’s the Genesis One reality. The Genesis Two version has each individual with his own separate mind, vulnerable to doubt, uncertainty, and fear. Prayer that deeply acknowledges the one Mind, and denies many minds, helps put the weight of thought with God. The truth is that there is one Mind and that Mind is unafraid and knows its perfect creation to be flawless. To prayerfully stand firm and insist that there is one Mind, one God, counters the falsehood that there are many minds capable of knowing evil and disease. 
  • One other key point in prayer is to discern, as the Bible reveals, that God is All-in-all. He is ever present. His substance is the substance of the universe. And this means that all life in reality reflects God, the one eternal creator. God’s creation as described in the first chapter of Genesis isn’t in conflict with itself. One aspect of His creation doesn’t endanger another. No wonder Isaiah wrote, “The leopard shall lie down with the kid” (11:6). The idea of an insect harming an individual is not consistent with a creation that expresses the intelligence of infinite Mind or the care and blessing of all-embracing Love. As Mrs. Eddy explains with motherly affection, “All of God’s creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible” (Science and Health, p. 514). 

To sum up, in reality, in God’s creation, there is no destructive substance that can be carried by an insect; no one can be under attack; the environment cannot be flawed; and from that basis, on the human scene, there is no condition that is irreversible; there is no problem that is not solvable. Bottom line, in reality, there is no cause other than God, good. As Mrs. Eddy writes, “Infinite Mind creates and governs all, from the mental molecule to infinity” (Science and Health, p. 507). 

As we understand and prayerfully claim God’s protecting nature to be universally present and perfect, that light will diminish the darkness of disease and finally defeat it.

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