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A year after 9/11—what we’ve learned, how we’ve changed - Program 236

- Sentinel Radio 2002

As a world, as a nation, in our communities and in our homes, we’ve been carrying on a long conversation among ourselves since the morning hours of September 11th last year. The subject of the conversation sounds like a cliche now—about how our world has changed. But the fact is, it has. Here on this program—over the last year—we’ve heard bits and pieces of that conversation. Some people have talked to us about how they’ve faced-up to fear and conquered it; how they’ve overcome distrust, and conquered hatred. We’ve heard about closer, deeper relationships that have developed among people who used to see each other as strangers. These are good signs. They indicate that yesterday’s fears and anger are losing their grip on us. Hear more of that conversation—more of the hopefulness and inspiration and spiritual growth that are bringing us together and moving us forward.