Prayer can resolve economic hardship

Just when it seemed that nothing was going to save us from bankruptcy, we began to feel the effects of prayer.

My husband’s business had been struggling for a while and was now in serious financial trouble. Debt was piling up. We sold a piece of land to pay the outstanding tax bill, avoiding immediate closure, but it was not enough to keep us afloat. We still owed a lot of other taxes and could not secure a tax clearance certificate, which we needed in order to purchase a new delivery vehicle. The vehicle we had was old and broke down regularly, resulting in delays in delivering our product and loss of income. 

Our competition was taking advantage of this, undercutting our prices and taking our customers. There were some unpleasant conversations, and vicious accusations were leveled against us. Furthermore, our suppliers were raising their prices, and we fell behind in our payments, causing them to close our accounts.

Divine Love gives to everyone equally and directly, not giving good to one and withholding it from another.

How we can “hold crime in check”
February 6, 2023

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