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The perfection of our connections is established in Spirit, as the Scriptures assure us. We’re forever at one with God, and through God, with each other.

Your God-given purpose

No matter how challenging we may find it to realize our purpose, we can trust God to develop and guide our every step.
More important than my work or going on a trip with friends was my duty to God, “investing” in getting to know God more and listening for Mind’s guidance.

Listen . . .

The Word is
speaking . . .
The Logos of eternity declares itself,
its power: 
It is Love—embracing the cosmos with
its dictation.
How I Found Christian Science

A friend introduced me

I noticed that my friend was very happy, with a positive outlook on life. I wondered if her religion might have something to do with her attitude. So, I went to Christian Science Sunday School with her to find out if there might be a connection.


This American sonnet is inspired by page 514 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
I was sure that if I hadn’t turned to God and prayed, the recovery process would have taken much longer.
Testimony of Healing

Injured wrist healed

I had the expectation that God’s ever-present goodness and love would meet my need.
Testimony of Healing
I prayed to see my manager as a loved child of God, just as I identified myself, and I vowed not to take offense over angry outbursts and unjustified accusations.
Testimony of Healing

Lump vanishes

I felt uplifted and surrounded—encompassed—by Love’s care.
Bible Lens


Central to early Christian teaching was believers’ status as children of God.

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