When I prayed for my dogs

I want to share a couple of cool healings I’ve had with my dogs. 

One morning before church, my dog Coal got out and went running down the street. He wasn’t wearing his collar with his identification on it, so we were worried about what might happen if he got too far from home. 

My dad and I went out to look for him. I started to pray the way I’ve learned in Christian Science Sunday School, because I knew we didn’t have much time to find him before we had to leave for church. I knew that the thought that my dog could be lost didn’t come from God, who is Love and all good. So, instead of listening to that thought and being afraid, I could listen to God, who would help me find him. Soon after I had that thought, we saw Coal down the road and were able to catch up with him in someone’s backyard. When he saw us coming, he even sat down and waited for us. We brought him home safely and quickly, and I was so grateful to God. 

I have another little dog named Fille. One day, I decided to take her for a walk. I called for her the way I always do. She usually comes, but this time she didn’t. I looked for her on her bed, but she wasn’t there. I was starting to get worried. Then I went outside to look for her in case she had gotten out somehow. If she does get out, she usually just stays on our street, but I didn’t see her anywhere. Now I became even more worried and checked every corner of the house. 

Then I remembered that I could pray about any situation, including this one. I stopped searching and started to pray. In my thoughts I just said, “God, where is she?” Right away the thought came to me, “She is in your parents’ closet.” 


I went upstairs to look, and there she was! Fille had gotten locked in when someone closed the closet door. I was so happy to find her, and I said, “Thank you, God!” She was so happy to be free from the closet, and we went for a fun walk.  

I am grateful to know that I can turn to God in any situation, and that He’ll always be there protecting, guiding, and taking care of me.

Testimony of Healing
Freed from self-condemnation and immobility
January 2, 2023

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