Healed instantly on the tennis court

When I was a freshman in high school, I went to a summer tennis camp. One day on the court, I was moving from side to side, running farther and farther to the edges of the court. Suddenly, while stretching for a ball that was just out of reach, I twisted my ankle severely. At that moment, I had a deep desire to keep playing tennis and continue expressing God’s qualities of agility and freedom. This sincere desire was my prayer, and I steadfastly held on to it. 

This could have been daunting because I was at the camp without my parents or any other Christian Scientists to support me with prayer. I realized I had the opportunity to be my own Christian Science practitioner (a Christian Scientist who helps us pray when we are ill or hurt). 

The coaches and other players who had seen my ankle twist unnaturally had gasped with concern. Despite this distraction, I stuck with the truth of being that we are taught in Christian Science. My thought went immediately to God, knowing that He is our ever-present help. I claimed my spiritual identity as His child. I knew I was safely upheld as God’s idea. I could never be out of His care for even a moment. All of this thought process occurred within the time it took to fall to the ground.

Those around me were worried and thought I would not be able to keep playing. But the healing happened instantaneously. I stood up immediately and continued playing, and I never felt any pain. There were never any adverse effects.

What a natural thing to do—to simply know that we can never be separated from God even for an instant. And this knowledge can be demonstrated so that harmony is seen to be all that ever really is or was. What a blessing. 

Anna Christian McMullen
Tokyo, Japan

Bible Lens
January 2, 2023

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