No longer fearful of driving

For a number of years, I’ve been cherishing this divine promise found in the Bible: “All things work together for good to them that love God” (Romans 8:28). This truth took on new meaning for me after I bought a subcompact car. At first, I was afraid to drive it, because I thought a large vehicle, such as a truck, might not see my car when switching lanes. I became diligent about staying out of another driver’s blind spot, but even this alertness did not stop a deep-seated fear of being in a car accident. 

I wanted to go on a road trip in 2021 and realized that if I were to enjoy this vacation, I must conquer my fear of collisions. So I asked God to help me understand this statement from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: “Accidents are unknown to God, or immortal Mind, and we must leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind, in order to change the notion of chance to the proper sense of God’s unerring direction and thus bring out harmony” (p. 424). Although the fear of collision became more intense as time went on, I kept praying and asking for spiritual understanding.

One day a new perspective came to me, and I wrote it down and taped it to my car’s dashboard: “Spiritual ideas never collide; they only coincide.” This wonderful angel message from God completely took away my fear. I began to focus while driving on what it means for us, as spiritual ideas of God, to coincide. From that point on, I felt safe and assured, so I went on my trip and fearlessly drove sixteen hundred miles on unfamiliar freeways and rural roads without any incidents.

Later, I found I was still nervous about parking my car in the covered parking stall at my apartment, because the metal post on the driver’s side of the stall seemed too close to my parking space. I realized this fear needed to stop, too, so I prayed.

As I was walking toward the car one day, a new inspiration came to me. It was a line from Hymn 51 in the Christian Science Hymnal, in which Love is a synonym for God: “Love’s work and Love must fit” (Mary Alice Dayton). I suddenly understood that we are Love’s children and must fit with Love divine, which enables us to go—and yes, even fit—wherever we are needed. After I understood this “must,” all my fear of parking left for good.

I understand at last that the reason spiritual ideas cannot collide is that all of creation is of one activity, one being, one God, and has no element of discord, conflict, or misalignment. Love’s children are always in sync with Love.

I am grateful to see that each day presents new opportunities to behold this law of divine coincidence. When we find the item we need first thing at a store, without even hunting for it; when employment opportunities come to us in unexpected ways; when we make a new friend with whom we have lots in common—these are all ways we experience something of the coincidence that comes from God, who makes “all things work together for good.” Now I look for coincidences and even comment on them to others. It’s not luck, fate, or chance. It’s the law of God, good, the one Mind.

Sheila Smith
Saint George, Utah, US

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