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In divine Life, we have happiness that’s forever pure and secure and requires no ambition to attain it. It’s a quality we forever include and exude as God’s reflection. 
Keeping Watch
Hoping for, having faith in, and understanding God’s overflowing goodness and love comforts so effectively.

“Follow thou me”

The brief exchange between Jesus and Peter has provided me with a lifetime of guidance because it is reliable, clear, and simple to follow. When the words “follow thou me” come to my thought, I know that I need to change course.

My sanctuary

A poem about finding safety and peace in God.
My prayers were not only to address my own fears but also to help heal the fear that was being felt in our country at the time.
TeenConnect: Q&A
If you think loving yourself either sounds silly or impossible, think again. There’s actual power—spiritual power—in knowing you’re loved and why.

Back injury healed

Healing is a natural outcome of practicing unselfed love. This experience inspired me to continue praying for the world.
Testimony of Healing

A life transformed

Because of this healing, every statement in Science and Health was so real to me.
Testimony of Healing
My houseguest was amazed when I walked into the living room without even a limp. He said, “Wow! Now I know why you are a Christian Scientist. I’ve never seen anything like that.”
Bible Lens


Christ Jesus equates knowledge of God with immortality:
Bible Lens
The Psalmist declares God’s oversight of the isolated and lonely.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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