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Through studying the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, we come to discern and increasingly demonstrate a harmony that’s already ours rather than feeling dependent on a steely personal grit to secure health and well-being.
Keeping Watch
In all situations, it’s always better to respond to God’s presence than to react to some lie or threat suggesting God’s absence.
A dog trusts his owner. He has no doubt that he will always be cared for. I realized that this is the kind of trust we can have in God. 

The importance of joy

I had a complete healing of the pain after two days.
This week’s photographic inspiration and related text.
The Christ, the active power of divine Love, is continually sweetening thought, preserving good, purifying relationships, and healing minds and bodies.

Where is Love?

They went through everything in David’s room, and there wasn’t a single place where Love wasn’t. Even in the darkest corners and shadows.

Biking freely again

When I woke up the next morning, I had complete mobility, and I rode my bike up to my grandmother’s house easily and joyously.
Testimony of Healing
I felt a bit of panic and quickly contacted a Christian Science practitioner to pray with me. The results were immediate.
Testimony of Healing
My Sunday School teacher reminded me that there was nothing to fear. I felt a flood of the Father’s love with its purely good intention for me, His cherished child. 
Bible Lens


Jesus’ quiet ministry diverged greatly from Messianic expectations of fiery judgment and reform. 

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