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Caulking our ark doesn’t mean sealing ourselves off from others or the concerns that they face. It’s about following the Bible’s instruction to keep out fear. 
A huge load dropped from my shoulders. I didn’t have to figure something out and make it happen! 

Pruning the apricot tree

Removing dead wood unburdened the tree, and thinning the branches allowed more light and air to circulate and stimulate new growth. Similarly, the dead wood of matter-based thinking—any thinking that is not in accord with God, divine Spirit—needs to be pruned and discarded. 

Peace, be still

In prayer we silence the waves of confused thinking and lean on God’s guidance. As the clarity of spiritual ideas starts to appear, we find ourselves on a calm sea, engrounded on the rock of Christ, Truth. 
Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
How I found Christian Science

God is pretty amazing

This idea of God’s practical nearness and immediacy was a revelation to me. 
I go to Christian Science Sunday School.
Testimony of Healing

Hip pain overcome

I saw that I needed to love everyone as the image and likeness of God. This was important to the healing—that I look beyond myself to the truth that everyone is God’s spiritual reflection.
Testimony of Healing
I could see that I was being required to replace the “caution” and “anxiety” surrounding my new proximity to these creatures with love and even gratitude for their relation to God as His ideas. 
Testimony of Healing
I knew that God had always been there, caring for each of us. 
Bible Lens


Planting symbolizes faithfulness to Christly teaching; reaping represents the promised outcome of eternal life. 

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