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Seismic shifts

I felt an enlightened sense of the comfort and power of Christ, Truth, with me and available for all humanity.
Keeping Watch
Rejoicing in our collective at-one-ment with God turns out to be an empowering form of daily prayer, with practical benefits for everyone.
A song in praise of Father-Mother God. 
Can a better understanding of God’s power mitigate the weather?
How I Found Christian Science
A nurse told my mom that my temperature was normal. My mom simply said, “I know.” I was healed.
The joy I felt playing basketball is a spiritual quality from God, so I can never lose it. 

Pulled muscle healed

What could be better than awakening to what God is and to what this means for our health and harmony as God’s children!
Testimony of Healing
In the minutes it took to walk home, my son’s hand was completely healed. 
Testimony of Healing
With this new conviction of my natural spiritual poise, I rejected the notion of that painful condition as part of me. Freedom and strength settled over me.
Bible Lens

Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?

Good works result not from our own efforts but from God’s work in us.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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