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What a difference it would make to consider the possibility that the root of every problem is a theological need and that every solution is in understanding more about God. 
The prayerful affirmation that there is one Mind doesn’t mean papering over human opinions or tolerating extreme ones. But it does have a way of lessening self-will, softening reactions, and deflating rhetoric so that commonalities and solutions can emerge. 
Our motive can be to express loving qualities such as compassion, patience, and gentleness in our communications with others. This makes us a transparency for the Love that is God, and our thoughts will be lifted off ourselves. We will therefore not be as likely to experience awkward social interactions.

The perfect view

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.

A spiritual outlook found us a home

Without a home to go to or a job to support her four children, one single mother prayed for answers. How could she find housing without an income? The answers she found were surprising and have supported her and her family ever since. 

Because God is...

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Testimony of Healing

Intense anger overcome

It made me angry that our team leader could only find fault with me.
Testimony of Healing
I realized I wanted to leave behind the dark, material thoughts that insisted I was broken and needed a certain amount of time to heal.
Testimony of Healing
I started praying to know that I am governed by the divine Mind, where only love and harmony exist. And because God’s love and harmony are everywhere, there is no place for fear, pain, or inflammation. 
Bible Lens

God the Only Cause and Creator

Spiritual creation is ordered according to God’s will, and proclaims His salvation . . . for “all the ends of the earth.”

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