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Embracing change

Even as the form of our experience changes from day to day, year to year, the substance of the actual good of our lives never changes, because it has its source in the unalterable nature of God as divine Love and Life.
Like you, we have been exploring the many resources of the Sentinel’s new format as it helps us keep our spiritual watch more timely and more engaged with what the world needs from us right now. 
Keeping Watch

God’s benefits

I asked myself, Am I as accepting and certain of this health benefit—God healing all my diseases—as I was of my paid vacation when I worked for a company?

Halting the flood of images

Christian Science stresses the importance of filling thought with images or “models” of divine reality and goodness.

God’s celestial song

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
Keeping Watch
The past year has been an especially challenging one for business owners, as I know firsthand.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
While she was friendly with many of the students at her school, this teen yearned for a friend group of her own. When she began to pray about friendship, she not only ended up finding “her people,” but she got something even more profound: a deeper and more solid understanding of God’s love.

Stage lights

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
Testimony of Healing

Childhood healings

The confidence in God’s loving care that I gained from this experience enabled me throughout my childhood to experience quick, sometimes instantaneous, healings, including those of strep throat, poison ivy, burns, and an asthma attack. 
Testimony of Healing
I was missing the mark in holding on to a belief that I could be separated from God while flying.
Testimony of Healing

Healing during a church service

I had experienced what the words “Welcome to this healing service” actually refer to—not just a get-me-through-the-service hope but a transformation of thought that has immediate healing results.
Bible Lens
God’s presence “in the midst of thee” brings deliverance and salvation.

Letters & Conversations

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