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God has created infinite channels to express Love’s inexhaustible love, and we’re each a unique channel.
I already had all the good I would ever need from God, the infinite source of good, and understanding this truly satisfied me and freed me from envy.
God loves to reveal Himself and the kingdom of heaven to His children anytime, even if it’s the middle of the night.
We can be just as clear about right and wrong as Christ Jesus was, without getting caught in the undertow of gossip, criticism, or condemnation.

God never changes

Even though things around me felt uncertain, God was still right there. God’s guidance wouldn’t leave me.
Testimony of Healing
It was reassuring to see that the problem was already diminishing. There was no pain, and I was able to continue my work. 
Testimony of Healing
The paramedics hurriedly started shining their flashlights throughout the car and then onto the side of the road. One turned to me and asked where the “body” of the driver was! I told them that would be my wife over there standing next to the policeman. 
Testimony of Healing

Warts healed

I was the one who had been struggling to turn totally away from the material evidence of warts. But he had expected healing, without a single doubt. 
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