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What really defines us

We do not need to accept that any disease or problem defines us. But this is more than just disassociating a material problem from a material view of ourselves. Instead, it’s letting our thought be consistently oriented to fully accepting that we are so much more than what a physical body presents.
As we begin to think of healing as spiritual transformation rather than merely the solving of difficulties, transformation will become the purpose of our prayers.
I knew it was right to see my family member as a brother in Christ, as someone who is inseparable from his Maker, divine Love. But it was difficult to see beyond the human sense of right and wrong, of victims and villains. 
We can prove for ourselves that we are untouchable by anything that isn’t good because we are forever spiritual.
TeenConnect: Your Healings

Who I really am

It was senior year, and everything was going so well . . . until this author began picking herself apart and feeling like she could never measure up. What turned it around? Digging deeper into what her identity really is, with the help of Science and Health.

Who are you walking with?

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
Testimony of Healing

Divine Love heals COVID symptoms

While talk about the pandemic continued to swirl around us in many forms, I was no longer disturbed by these conversations, knowing that in reality God is caring perfectly for me, my husband, and all of creation. 
Testimony of Healing
I took a firm stand for my God-given right to be free and to walk painlessly. As I did, a great sense of dominion and joy rose up in me. With each step, the conviction of God’s loving presence and care grew.
Testimony of Healing

Long-standing blemish disappears

Nothing is too big or too insignificant or has gone on too long to be healed.
Bible Lens

Everlasting Punishment

After his resurrection, Jesus was seen multiple times over a forty-day period.

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