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[Carlos A.
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God shepherds us

Trusting Mind to guide is both wise and practical, as I learned in a dramatic way.
This experience convinced me that there is indeed a way to defeat contagion through prayer.
Nothing can stop the light of Christ from going forth to bless mankind.
For a number of years I worked as a 911 call taker and dispatcher.
Many of the inmates said that for the first time, they felt worthy of God’s love.
Last year was my first summer at a camp for Christian Scientists in Maine.
Testimony of Healing

Protected from dangerous fumes

Early in my engineering career, I traveled to a coal-fired power plant with some senior engineers.
Testimony of Healing
Four years ago, I was celebrating our country’s Independence Day.
Testimony of Healing

Baby’s prognosis overturned

As a parent of two young children, I am truly grateful that my study of Christian Science has taught me that I can turn to God in any situation.
Image and Inspiration
Jesus was able to sustain his consciousness of God’s ever-present protective power where there appeared to be nothing but danger.
Bible Lens

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