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From the readers

Do you remember a turning point?
On the web: The JSH-Online.
The Christ, God’s healing and saving power, had come to me, awakened me, and healed me.
She found that Truth was just as powerful to heal today as in the early days of Christianity.

Unplugging evil

Christ neutralizes every suggestion of evil. 
I did not have so much as a sniffle over the course of that semester.
TeenConnect: Q&A
She thought that doing what a guy asked would make her popular. When that backfired, this author realized that she could turn to Christian Science to understand what makes her likable and how to have better friendships.
Testimony of Healing
About seven years ago, I experienced the powerful healing effect of the Lord’s Prayer.
Testimony of Healing
I hit the ground with a thud after being knocked off my bicycle by a car that was pulling away from the curb.
Testimony of Healing

Burns quickly healed

In Australia, TV cooking programs are immensely popular.
Image and Inspiration

'So from our hearts must ever flow ...'

Living our oneness with God and our spiritual nature as Love’s reflection is the door to healing.
Bible Lens
Whatever we might be afraid of can be challenged as having no real origin, authority, or power.

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