Healing after a bleak prognosis

I want to express my deep gratitude for a wonderful healing I had in 2019. 

One day I had to get out of my van to open the gate in front of my house. I didn’t realize the van wasn’t fully parked. It started rolling, and the open door knocked me down. The vehicle rolled over me, seriously injuring both of my legs and one foot.

I was taken to the hospital. The doctors were extremely concerned about the wounds, yet at no time was I in pain, and when I told them I wanted no medication, they respected my decision. 

My daughter immediately called a Christian Science practitioner, who agreed right away to pray for me. From our conversation, I was reminded that nothing could ever change my identity as God’s child and that we can never be outside of God’s love.

Based on the understanding that perfect Love casts out fear (see I John 4:18), I didn’t feel afraid. The people at the hospital couldn’t believe how calm I was—I was sort of in awe of this myself! I felt so aware that God was with me.

I was given serious reports about broken bones and torn skin by several different doctors. I was told that because of my age, the skin might not heal, and therefore the injured foot, and possibly more, might have to be removed. They said that even if this wasn’t necessary, I would likely be lame for the rest of my life. At this point, I could have become very fearful and confused, but I was able to stay calm. I knew that God was revealing the Christ, the pure message of His love, to me continually and that the Christ was always present. 

I wanted to go home and listen only to God speaking to me. I spoke with my dear daughter, who then explained to the doctors that I wanted to go home and depend on Christian Science for healing, as I have for many decades. The doctors were persistent in urging me to stay in the hospital, but after two days I was able to sign a release form and leave. 

I was taken to my daughter’s house. I was so grateful to feel the love shown by my family and my church friends, who read Christian Science literature to me every day, and happy to have the steady prayer of the practitioner. He was always available if I became anxious or fearful, helping me see that the Christ was all around and that I could not even move without God’s love moving me. 

A beautiful sense of calm stayed with me, even though my foot in particular looked alarming. I cannot begin to list all the spiritual truths that were unfolding to me as new ideas came each day. The Christian Science periodicals and Christian Science lectures I listened to online were such a joy. The Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, were a great source of inspiration to me and were my constant companions. 

Through my study, I became more aware that the two different accounts of creation in the Bible describe totally opposite perceptions of reality, which are not connected in any way. In the second account, Genesis 2, I read that mankind was created from dust—from matter—and was subject to material laws. This creation included good and evil, and ended up as a “curse” on both man and woman. The first account, Genesis 1, speaks of the perfection of all that God creates, and in this creation—the only true creation—I live and move and have my being (see Acts 17:28). 

God, Spirit, is perfect, and therefore, God’s creation must be spiritual and perfect. The awareness of this healed me. It fully restored my skin and mended my bones, and I was able to walk again. I didn’t have any pain. I saw the truth about me—that I was spiritual and living in God’s harmony. I absolutely demanded that false belief could not stop me from seeing and experiencing things as they really are—perfect and eternal. 

The following quote from Science and Health helps explain what happened in this case: “When understanding changes the standpoints of life and intelligence from a material to a spiritual basis, we shall gain the reality of Life, the control of Soul over sense, and we shall perceive Christianity, or Truth, in its divine Principle” (p. 322). 

I am truly grateful that Christian Science does heal. I am continuing daily to become more and more aware of God’s spiritual creation, which is right here, right now—in truth, there is no other.

Marilyn Hooker 
Penhook, Virginia, US

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