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From the readers

[Deb Hensley, “You will always exist,” Sentinel, January 14, 2019]
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The entirety of God’s kingdom includes all of divine Love’s fullness and freshness.

No recalls

Divine Spirit’s creation is wholly spiritual and flawless.

Getting unstuck

We can be released from forcing things and let our trust in God—and the inspiration this stirs in us—bring about change. 

Fired up!

Sometimes spiritual breakthroughs give me a “fired up” feeling, and at other times Truth is revealed more slowly.

Loving remembrance, free of grief

I saw that I could rely on divine Mind to lift my thoughts above the dark sense of death, misfortune, and loss.
I realized I had the tools I needed to challenge the pain and actually find healing.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
When none of the opportunities this college student had planned for herself ended up working out, she initially felt frantic. But soon, prayer led her to the surprising realization that instead of planning and striving, she could trust God.
Testimony of Healing

No more migraines

When I was a young child, I suffered from what are today referred to as migraine headaches.
Testimony of Healing

Skin condition healed

A few years ago I discovered a patch of abnormal skin growth on my scalp.
Testimony of Healing

Healed after a hiking trip

Months ago I was hiking on a lake trail involving some elevation shifts, with rocks and tree roots to step over.
Testimony of Healing
Some time ago I had a lightbulb experience that has remained quite helpful to me.
Image and Inspiration

'O send out thy light and thy truth ...'

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Understanding, and accepting, our spiritually pure identity as God’s loved creation can antidote both suffering and sin.
Bible Lens

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