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From the readers

Thank you for this most beautiful and inspiring Thanksgiving issue, so filled with love and gratitude.
On the web: The JSH-Online.
My dependency on caffeine naturally fell away, replaced by a spiritual renewal and energy that brought greater freedom than my morning cup did.
I knew that through prayer I could embrace a strong model for a “third act.”
God’s power became so large to me that I felt completely embraced by Love.
Our entire purpose in life is to live love, to express and share love.
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth
About a year ago I found myself struggling with pain in my knees and hips.
How I Found Christian Science
One summer day during my childhood on our family farm in southern Italy, I came down with an eye infection.
TeenConnect: Turning Point
She thought getting high was the answer to her shyness. Then she thought it was a way to deepen her spirituality. But when the Bible and the Christian Science textbook came into her life, she finally found real answers to those issues—and everything else.
Testimony of Healing

Dizziness ends

One Sunday morning, I became dizzy in the middle of a church service while reading aloud the Bible Lesson-Sermon.
Testimony of Healing

Eye condition resolved

I wear glasses or contact lenses, and last year I had an appointment with an eye doctor for a routine exam, which included several tests.
Testimony of Healing
A while ago I returned from a trip on the Baltic Sea in which I visited nine countries.
Image and Inspiration

'Hearken to me ...'

A good starting point for a new year would be to look for God by nurturing within ourselves the goodness of pure, spiritual qualities.
Bible Lens

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