Drop resentment—and be ready for progress

Why is it that sometimes we find ourselves remembering and holding onto bad experiences from the past, finding it hard to let go and move on? I’ve often heard people telling of bad experiences they’d had that happened long ago, experiences in which the emotional pain, resentment, and anger regarding something they thought was unfair were very hard to get over. This has made me wonder why it is that we sometimes feel helpless to move forward and get past certain situations.

For some time I had been praying about some unfair and unkind situations in my life. I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me. Our prayers revealed to me that I needed to get a handle on all-consuming resentment—ugly thoughts that were eating me up. Without even being aware of it, I had allowed myself to become consumed with angry and upsetting thoughts. I realized I had to discard those thoughts and really forgive individuals I felt had treated me unfairly. 

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July 23, 2018

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