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[“Can angels lift us above anger?
On the web: This JSH-Online.
I needed to understand what it means to have eternal life.
I had a taste of what it means to have dominion over the material senses.
Any of us can feel confident that a shift in thought to a spiritual viewpoint is within our ability right now. 

‘Who, me?’

The article sprang from a sincere desire to help others.
How I Found Christian Science
I’ve always sought a deeper spiritual purpose in my life.
TeenConnect: Trending
This teen showed up to summer camp without a return ticket. How would she ever make the right decision about whether she should go back home at the end of the summer, or try a new school that was totally out of her comfort zone?
For Teens

The tie that binds

When you’ve been through something difficult, it can help to have a friend who gets where you’re coming from.
Testimony of Healing
In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, we read: “The test of all prayer lies in the answer to these questions: Do we love our neighbor better because of this asking?
Testimony of Healing
Many years ago, my husband, Tom, was working on a ladder on a construction site.
Testimony of Healing

Growth on arm gone

A few years back I noticed an ugly growth on the side of my arm.
Testimony of Healing
For several years, I hadn’t been able to squat down or kneel on the floor because my knees and muscles were too stiff.
Image and Inspiration

'Christianity will never be based ...'

Rushing waters in Glacier National Park, Montana

When people need us most

Genuine spirituality enables each of us to know intuitively if someone near us has a need to feel God’s great love and compassion.
Bible Lens

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