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Our worth never depreciates

As the likeness of God, divine Spirit, our substance is actually spiritual.
Although our address may change, we can feel at home and rest in God.
Prayer takes us to a deeper sense of what unity is.
Jesus’ healings were the result of spiritual laws that anyone can learn and prove.

Take another look

One morning, as the school day began, a new girl slipped into our classroom.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

Burn healed quickly

One of the things I cherish most about prayer in Christian Science is the stillness and quiet confidence in God’s omnipresent care in the face of emergencies or suffering.
Testimony of Healing
The more I learn about God through Christian Science, the more I experience the feeling of being cradled in our Father-Mother God’s loving embrace.
Testimony of Healing

Finding a deeper sense of home

I have been traveling and moving around the United States a lot lately for various reasons—for work, school, conferences, etc.
Testimony of Healing
When our second daughter was six years old, she fell down onto some concrete stones, a fall of about six feet.
Testimony of Healing

The pain was gone

I practice a sport called “paddle,” which is similar to tennis.
Image and Inspiration

'A glorious day is dawning...'

Pelicans perched, St.

Resistless prayer

Prayer can inspire us, guide us, assure us, and much more.

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