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[Bible Lens, “God the Preserver of Man,” June 6, 2016, Sentinel]
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As the child of God, man is always cherished and protected.

Lonely no more

I could take a stand for understanding a deeper reality.
We can convincingly conclude that good is not part time, and there is no finite Life or Love.

The right response

Through the years, I’ve often been moved to indignation by public statements and actions I’ve felt were untrue or unfair.
Note: Prior to pursuing medical studies, Dr.

A night in the woods

Every time the thought of the headache came, all I had to do was go back to that simple but powerful idea of “one Mind.”
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing
Years ago, my husband and I owned a small business and a large property.
Testimony of Healing
I lost my tennis serve one day—seemingly out of nowhere.
Testimony of Healing
On a recent business trip my colleagues and I had to change planes in Germany on our way from the United States to the Middle East.
Image and Inspiration

'The heavens declare the glory'


Humanity’s mediator

Jesus showed us that with God governing within us we can find and promote healing and progress for ourselves and others in any human circumstance.

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