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[How I Found Christian Science, “Seeing the real picture,” Carol Rounds, April 18, 2016, Sentinel]
Christian Science Sentinel
It was just a scrap of conversation, overheard as I walked to work one day.

Universal love

Our Father has no favorite child;His fullness and His graceBelong to all, and everyoneIs held in Love’s embrace.
We can prove in practical ways that our life in God is as unlimited and forever new as divine Life and Love itself.

Who told you that, Zambia?

Through Christian Science I have learned that I am spiritual, the child of God.
Purposeful activity and meaningful lives are a divine right and gift from God.

Out from under the shadow

As my brother’s achievements grew, my confidence steadily declined.
Bible Lens
Most of us will never face a violent crowd, intent on pummeling us with rocks.
Testimony of Healing

Eating disorder overcome

Not long after graduating from college, I stopped eating.
Testimony of Healing

Pulled muscle healed

“First one to touch the car wins!”
Testimony of Healing

Stomach issue on trip healed

My mother and I had gone overseas to visit an aunt who had recently moved abroad.
Image and Inspiration

'Ye shall know them by their fruits'

Berries and light in Homer, Alaska
'To Bless All Mankind'

Unsung heroes who rescue Syria’s refugees

Syria’s war continues to drive civilians into exile.
'To Bless All Mankind'

Love that finds solutions

Sometimes the extreme needs of people in war-torn or devastated areas bring forth unique solutions and amazing kindnesses.
The spiritual message in the Bible is the living Word of God dawning on individual human consciousness with comfort, spiritual regeneration, and healing every day.

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