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From the readers

Thanks so much for the November 7, 2016, Sentinel.
Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Podcast
A spiritual understanding of progress redefined how I evaluated things in my own life. 
Oneness, rather than division, characterizes and underlies all true being.

Unlock that door!

Humbly putting God first and following Mind’s direction awaken us to possibilities we did not see before. 
You reflect the fullness and limitless goodness of God.
How I Found Christian Science
I was born and raised a Sikh, and my family was religious.
I was unable to see my own positive qualities, and had not been for a while, but maybe I needed to look through a new lens.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of clubfoot

When our first child was born, it was comforting to know that her true Parent was her tender, caring Father-Mother, God.
Testimony of Healing
The testimonies in the periodicals have always given me inspiration.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer eliminates intense pain

I wasn’t feeling well one afternoon last year, so I decided to lie down for a while.
Image and Inspiration

'According as her labors rise ...'

Quiet path
We, too, may want to focus more on the simple question, “What am I hearing God saying to me today?”
Bible Lens

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