Fear and imbalance overcome

A few years ago, the day after Christmas, I was traveling with one of my children on a trip with other children and adults. That morning when we were boarding our flight, an acquaintance came to me and told me that she was terrified to fly and was so happy to see that I was on the plane. I saw this as an opportunity to “love my neighbor” as Christ Jesus taught and to see this woman as capable of being free from fear as God’s loved child. As we boarded and sat down in our seats, we realized that we were right across from each other. She said she had been praying that she would sit by me. We took off and I held her hand. All was well. 

In the middle of the flight, though, I realized that I was losing my hearing and was feeling dizzy. I have flown so many times all over the world and this was a first for me, but I saw this as an opportunity to pray. In my capacity as a Christian Science practitioner, I had already been praying about a few cases that had to do with hearing, balance, and fear of flying. So I continued to work with the spiritual ideas I’d been knowing. 

The inspiration was wonderful to cherish, especially being up in the air and looking out at the beauty of the vast sky. As I looked out the small window of the plane, I could not help but think of God’s infinite love. When we landed, my hearing was a little better, and it eventually did clear up. 

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December 5, 2016

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