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Release from anger

Yesterday my husband told me I had a chip on my shoulder.
Watching and praying mature us spiritually.
Spirituality is the one treasure worth having.

‘Even there …’

We can be assured that our humble, heartfelt prayers are heard by the divine ear.
Image and Inspiration

The freer step, the fuller breath

The freer step, the fuller breath,   The wide horizon’s grander view; The sense of Life that knows no death,—  The Life that maketh all things new.
How I Found Christian Science

My church homecoming

Although my parents weren’t particularly religious, our family attended a Protestant church, and I remember literally being dragged to Sunday School as a young child.

I prayed for my brother

One day my brother Gavin and I were balancing on the couch.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

Prayer for a newborn

My husband and I are very grateful to have had home births for our three children, all of which were wonderful experiences.
Testimony of Healing
In 1967 I had an instantaneous healing that convinced me Christian Science heals decisively and is the promised Comforter Christ Jesus said would come.
Testimony of Healing

Freed from back pain

I was just finishing packing for a ten-day trip to help my mom care for a veritable sanctuary full of animals, when my husband’s back suddenly became extremely uncomfortable.
Articles (Continued)
It is comforting to know that there is no way by which imperfection can be introduced into man.

Building with divine energy

The building of our lives and churches isn’t static but forever progressing.

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