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[“Free from fear and terror,” Virginia Hawks, May 4, 2015, Sentinel]
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The recent airline disaster in the French Alps has caused many in the world to seek prayerful comfort and healing solutions in the spirit of Christly compassion, support, and brotherhood.

Truth that never fails

Man is perfect, as God is.

Appraising what’s valuable

Truth is all-acting, transformative, and restorative.
Both innocence and purity are demonstrable truths regarding man.
Image and Inspiration

And the Lord shall guide thee

Japanese garden in Portland, Oregon
Primary Class Instruction
While I grew up in Christian Science, my fire of desire to learn more about it really began to burn in high school.

God was telling me the way

Alex says …
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing
My study of Christian Science has taught me that whenever there’s a problem, all we’re dealing with is thought.
Testimony of Healing
Last summer I once again had a healing demonstration of the effectiveness of Christian Science.
Testimony of Healing
A few years ago, I experienced healing as a result of studying and praying with the spiritual ideas presented in that week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, titled “Matter.
Articles (Continued)
I let the elements of gratitude and faith flood my thought. 
Jesus set the standard of honesty for a Christian healer on the rock-solid basis of spiritual truth. 

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