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[Primary Class Instruction, “An indescribable peace and joy,” Anne E.
Christian Science Sentinel

Loved, not forgotten

I began to wonder if the promises God made in the Bible did in fact hold true for me.

Redemption for those in jail

The inmates have often loved the idea of man as God’s reflection. 

Our true family name

We all have a name that reveals our eternal spiritual individuality.

Free from fear and terror

True safety is always in God, not in material forces or places.
Image and Inspiration

A great cause, God's new Messiah

Crab apple blossoms
How I Found Christian Science

How Christian Science found me

I recall as an elementary school student walking by a Christian Science Reading Room.
God, divine Mind, would lead me to the right ideas I needed.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

Healed after a fall

One evening, a relative and I were walking down a stone pathway, when my relative tripped and began to fall.
Testimony of Healing

Skin eruption cleared

Some years ago an ugly skin eruption appeared on my face and wouldn’t go away.
Testimony of Healing

Free from illness

Bearing witness to God’s majesty through giving a testimony of healing is a sacred privilege and joy, and it’s with a full and grateful heart that I share my experience.
Testimony of Healing

Tooth trouble gone

One day I woke up and felt pain in one of my teeth and swelling on the side of my face.
Articles (Continued)

A parable of persistence

There is no unwillingness on the part of God to give all good to His children. 
Guest Editorial

Divine Love, an unfailing help

Because God is a God of love, He would not require His children to plead for anything, but is constantly meeting every need.

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