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Beginning with this issue, the first of the New Year, the Sentinel has a somewhat new look.
Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Chat

Living with moral courage

As God’s spiritual, innocent child, I did not have to be the victim of any unethical or illegal action.

Useful employment

We can’t be God’s image, or expression, and not have opportunities to express Him.

Secure in God’s care

The Christ, Truth—that still, small voice—is eternal, as present now as in ancient times.
A woman experiences safety after being robbed at gunpoint and forgives those who confronted her.
Image and Inspiration

One in fellowship of Mind

Field of bluebonnets
Primary Class Instruction

A special gift

When I decided to pursue Christian Science Primary class instruction, I was living on my family’s farm, attending college, and caring for my mother, who was ill.

A healing to share

Since I was a year old, I have been attending the Christian Science Sunday School.
Bible Lens

My healing in Sunday School

My name is Riley and I like my Sunday School class.
Testimony of Healing

A quick end to nausea

A little over a year ago, I experienced a healing that epitomizes for me spiritual healing through Christian Science treatment.
Testimony of Healing
I love my garden, and I enjoy plants that attract bees.
Testimony of Healing

Leg injury quickly healed

“Don’t go there!” a friend once lovingly but firmly told me when I was about to turn a conversation in an unhelpful, unproductive direction.
Still Fresh and Healing Today

‘And this is Christian Science’

Unselfed, impartial, universal love characterizes the Christian teaching and way of life. 
If we want to experience progressive changes in our lives, we first need to embrace the Christ.

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