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A bicycle ride, a healing, and finding my calling
by Margaret Penfield

“When the Christian Science nurse arrived, I felt immediately enveloped by tender care. She helped me get in the van and spoke so lovingly to me. All I could think was, ‘How can I be like this woman? How can I learn to express divine Love as clearly as she does?’ ”

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Christian Science Sentinel 

Impressed by disease? Don’t be.
by Judy Olson

Judy shares a healing that showed her it’s never too late not to be impressed by disease.

for more, visit: sentinel.christianscience.com/don-t-be-impressed

The Christian Science Journal

Letting go and letting God
by Kim C. Korinek

“The discipline of the daily work lets me yield to the inspiration of the moment. I let go of all speculation, human opinions, and fears, and I listen. I let God guide the conversation and, later, let God reveal to me what I need to know about the situation.” 

for more, visit: journal.christianscience.com/letting-go

June 9, 2014

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