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I wish to express my gratitude for all the love, joy, and helpfulness expressed in the Sentinel.
The Monitor gives me an opportunity to ask some deeper questions, and to do it in a way that leaves readers with a collection of facts and analyses that can edify, engender hope, instead of feeling overwhelmed or despairing.
Everyone is called upon to express spiritual qualities, on and off the field.

One God unifies and heals

I gained the assurance that all things were in God’s hands, and that as God’s idea I could do whatever was required of me.

Help when you need it

We saw that only a false belief in a troubled world outside of God’s control was behind our needless worry.

Almost lost—but found—at sea

I believe our prayers brought about our rescue.
Spiritual Lens

The garden of His planting

O the summer borderstumbling with colors that never clash,cascading with diversity,originality, individuality,rich beyond human wealth,patterned beyond human art,rooted by rainand blossomed by suninto a symphony ofriotous bloom!
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Finding true security

Whether we’re caught in a terrifying storm, facing some threatening illness, or serving in our country’s armed forces, the Golden Text from Deuteronomy in this week’s Bible Lesson, titled “God the Preserver of Man,” assures us that “the beloved of the Lord” are kept safe “all the day long”.
How I Found Christian Science
What does it mean to be a student of Christianity?

Where is God?

God is up and God is down.
My name is Olivia.
Testimony of Healing

'My breath returned to me'

One day earlier this year I awoke unable to catch my breath.
Testimony of Healing
This testimony was originally read during an online Wednesday testimony meeting of The Mother Church and has been adapted for print.
Testimony of Healing

True identity found

When I was very young, my parents told me that I was adopted, and this ended up being the lens through which I viewed myself.
Testimony of Healing
A number of years back, I was playing in a friendly inter-dorm volleyball game at the college for Christian Scientists, where I worked as a resident counselor.
Often the antidote to becoming transfixed is to drop the notion that something dark and scary really lurks.

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